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A Potentially Life ThreateningCondition

Eye twitching manifests itself throughinvoluntary spasms of eye muscles. Therefore, the person sufferingfrom this condition does not influence it in any given ways. Rather,overstraining, causing one's eye to become dry, may lead to thesetypes of twitching. Alternatively, one's eyelashes may be having anallergic reaction, manifesting through twitching itself. Thiscondition may be very dangerous in certain situations. Namely, whendriving a car, or any means of transportation, as well as while beinga pedestrian, a sudden eye twitch may cause a person to be blind fora short timespan. This, happening in the wrong place, in the wrongtime, may have fatal outcomes. For this, and many other reasons, itis important to notice this condition on time, and provide it withadequate treatment.

Types of Eye Twitching

There are three major levels of eyetwitching. The first one is considered to be the least severe, mostlycaused by tiredness and overstraining. It takes place abruptly, lastsshortly and disappears on its own. The second type of eye twitchinginvolves eyelids. Namely, once in a state of spasm, one's eyelids getalmost completely closed. This situation happens with no warning orvolition. This state of affairs is to last up to several hours,disabling one to see correctly, due to his or her eyes almostcompletely closed. Before escalating to this state, this conditioncauses a person to occasionally blink or wink involuntarily. Finally,the worst case scenario involves pressure placed upon certain facialnerves, causing an entire side of a person's face to experience aspasm, resulting in a complete closure of one eye.

Reasons Behind Eye Twitching

First and foremost, our eyes may closeinstinctively due to exposure to dust, hot air or extreme light. Thisinvoluntary action serves as an automatic protection of our organism.However, alcohol and caffeine overindulgence both have eye twitchingas one of their side effects, therefore potentially causing them atany given time of being under influence. Alternatively, staring at acomputer screen, or any given thing for a long time may cause,fatigue or overstraining of the eyes all resulting in this condition.Additionally, sleep deprivation, causes us to feel tired and give wayto our possible eye twitching. Finally, involuntary twitches in one'seyes may be caused by a certain inherited trait, present in a family, or may be a symptom of a certain neurological disorder.

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