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Sweating and Alcohol Consumption

There are many people who experienceexcessive sweating upon drinking alcoholic beverages. This is usualfor some people since, when your organism gets exposed to alcohol,numerous changes take place and these may trigger some body processes wemight consider as side-effects of alcohol consumption.

What Happens when You Drink?

Once we start drinking an alcoholicbeverage, it takes a short period of time for the alcohol to reachall the parts of our organism because it spreads easily through surfaceswhere there is water. Since it reaches our brain as well, every timewe are drinking we are bound to experience certain behavioralchanges.

Namely, many people become morefriendly and talkative when they have drunk several alcoholic drinks.Also, our self-confidence levels get boosted. On the other hand, ourthinking processes slow down, as well as our motor skills and ourjudgment. Usually, when we go overboard with alcohol, we havetroubles controlling our emotions or remembering things. Therefore,we can be very angry as well as careless and aggressive. Once thealcohol affects our pituitary glands, we are likely to be stimulatedto urinate often. Finally, our sexual drive raises while our sexualperformance decreases, along with the temperature levels of our body.

Why Do You Sweat from Alcohol?

Since alcohol mingles with your body'stemperature dilating your skin vessels, your body fights this stateof affairs by increasing sweating. In fact, sweating, along withbreathing, urinating and bowel movement, is one of our body's ways ofexpelling alcohol from our system. Since 90% of alcohol reaches ourliver, the rest goes around all over our body. All excessive alcoholneeds to be expelled nevertheless. So, the liver destroys it duringits metabolic processes while the rest of our body takes alcohol outthrough methods mentioned above.

Alternatively, taking intoconsideration that alcohol in one's body causes its glucoselevels to rise, there is another reason behind alcohol sweating. Onceglucose levels are high above normal, the body produces insulin inorder to balance these levels. The insulin forces the glucose out ofthe body, causing the sweating.

As soon as you notice that you aresweating excessively due to your alcohol consumption, you may want tostop drinking and move on to hydrating your body through waterconsumption. Also, if the sweating continues even after you havestopped drinking alcohol, you are best to seek medical attention assoon as possible.

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