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What are Dizzy Spells?

Dizzy spells, as their name might suggest are fits of dizziness which affect a person often. These are quite common problems among many people in the world, being troubled daily by these mysterious spells interfering with their proper functioning. However, dizziness is an individual experience. Therefore, some people experience dizziness through feeling lightheaded while others witness all the world around them spinning even though they remain in a single position. Thus, dizzy spells can have more causes than one and they are often a problem necessary to be looked further into.

Reasons behind Dizzy Spells

Dizzy spells are usually connected to blood and the brain. However, they might be triggered by many other causes and malfunctions in our body. Many people experience dizzy spells right after eating. This is due to the fact that our organism's blood sugar levels get increased rapidly. This triggers excessive insulin production which, again, reduces the sugar levels in our blood. These rapid variations may all cause dizzy spells to affect us. However, having low blood sugar levels can cause dizziness as well.

Apart from sugar in our blood, lack of oxygen in our lungs and our brain can lead to dizzy spells too. Therefore, collapsed lungs or lungs full of fluids, obstructions in the airways or lung cancer may all be possible causes of dizziness, since they all trigger this lack of oxygen in our brain. Carbon monoxide poisoning leads to this fit as well, since once we get overexposed to this gas, it binds with our hemoglobin, making it unable to bind with oxygen and carry it throughout our organism through blood. The same imbalance is triggered by hyperventilation.

Lack of blood in our brain, due to low blood pressure can also lead to dizzy spells. Then, medications are needed in order to restore this blood pressure balance, removing this phenomenon which usually strikes upon standing up or changing one's position quickly.

In general, loss of blood can lead to dizziness, regardless if it is caused by an injury or by a menstrualperiod.

Finally, inner ear injuries and infections are possible causes of dizzy spells due to the fact that this is our center of balance. Additionally, allergies, anxiety and stress, common cold, dehydration, intoxication and many other factors may lead to the onset of dizzy spells.

In order to prevent dizzy spells, you should get out of bed slowly and gradually, avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol, tea or indulge in to cigarette smoking heavily. Furthermore, as soon as you notice dizziness striking you, you should sit and relax, breathing deeply, allowing both blood and oxygen to reach your body. However, if all these methods fail, you are to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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