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Alcohol Blackout Characteristics

Excessive alcohol consumption mayeasily lead to the apparent loss of consciousness called a blackout.However, a person who experiences this is often mentally aware of itduring the process, unable to react due to the level of intoxication.After recovering from this mishap, the person who survived thealcohol blackout has trouble remembering it due to having no memoriesrelated to the event whatsoever. The memory gap may involve the wholedrinking experience or, perhaps, just some, later parts of it.

Two Types of Alcohol Blackouts

While we are indulging into alcoholicbeverages excessively, during the process we may experience atemporary loss of memory regarding certain things. This way, we mightbe unable to remember some names, things we usually know, or evenlyrics of some of our favorite songs. This is the first type of analcohol blackout, minor and only partial.

The second type, however, involves aperson being completely unable of remembering things or leading anormal conversation. Rather, the person in question remains quiet andincapable of thinking. At this stage, the person can neither thinkstraight nor remember things. In fact, this whole event will not stayinside the person's memory in the future.

How Does This Happen?

The main cause of alcohol blackouts isconsuming large amounts of alcoholic beverages in a short periods oftime. This will surely result in this temporal brain damage, leavingyour brain intoxicated and your memory jeopardized.

Factors which influence this reactionof our organism to alcohol are age and sex. Namely, older peopletolerate alcohol better and may drink it in larger quantities withfar less serious effects in comparison to younger people. Also, womenhave a smaller alcohol capacity than men do. This may be due tocertain differences between male and female metabolism. Nevertheless,a woman is more likely to experience either minor or severe blackoutsduring alcohol indulgence. Men are prone to this too. However, morealcohol is needed for their blackouts.

More Unwanted Side-effects

Taking into consideration that, onceyou experience an alcohol blackout, your right judgment, moral, andself-control are all impaired. Thus, heavily intoxicated, people mayindulge into unsafe sex, vandalism, conflicts, and various otherproblematic experiences they will not even remember the next day.This may lead them into criminal offenses and they might be charged forit later. For these reasons, and many other, people are to drink inmoderation, or do not drink at all if they cannot control themselvesin such situations.

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