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Many people have unfortunately will or might experience pain or discomfort while urinating. Statistics says that women are more prone to this than men are, but nevertheless everybody might have pain while urinating. This pain may be insignificant in a sense that it may involve light burning or in more serious cases it might be quite irritating or even extremely painful.

Causes can be numerous and may involve any of the urinary tract organs or kidneys. All the water and fluids we drink or have in our body gets filtered through kidneys which sends the unusable substances, separated through this process of filtering, down to the urinary tract, to the bladder and out of our body. However, if there is pain during the urine expel process, there must be something inside of this system that does not function properly. Also, any separate underlying illness may be the cause of this condition. In addition to this, sexually transmitted diseases may be responsible for pain while urinating as well.

Luckily, there are numerous natural cures, recipes and different remedies which are known to reduce or completely remove any pain of this type.

One of them is a quite simple one involving only drinking honey with water every two hours. As far as drinking cures are concerned, watermelon, cucumber, radish, carrot or bael juice are all known to be extremely helpful and beneficial for our urinary tract problems.

There are also numerous mixtures of different plants and herbs used to do away with the irritating pain such as the one this article is about. Namely, ginger powder and sugar candu mixed with milk and as such drunk two times a day provides a very good motion which may relief you of pain while urinating. Another remedy drink consists of a mixture made from coconut water with jaggery and coriander. Coriander powder mixed with water and left for a night, added a spoon of sugar in the morning and drinking it afterwards provides another useful recipe.

Applying cold compression around the naval reduces or removes any possible infections which might be causing pain in the urinary tract.

Many of these remedies may be of help to those suffering from this condition, and many more are still out there to be found. However, if all else fails, paying your doctor a visit may prove to be the best solution for your problem since the pain in the urinary tract might be caused by other organs of your body.

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