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This text deals with the issues regarding painful urination in the women. In most cases, painful urination is one of the symptoms of urinary tract infection. On the other hand, painful urination can also occur as a sign of some other condition that isn’t provoked by an infection. A bladder can become inflamed due to some medications and therefore can cause pain while urinating. Other causes of painful urination can be ovarian cyst or a kidney stone. A painful irritation in the vaginal area that is caused by some products used vaginally can also cause pain while urinating.

Proper diagnosis

In order to start the treatment on time, a doctor has to set a proper diagnosis. He can achieve that if you provide him with all the relevant information. He should probably have to know if you had any previous bladder infection, if you had some sexually transmitted disease or some other medical condition. So, in general, you should tell him everything that, in your opinion, is important for a proper diagnosis. It would be best if the doctor had your medical history. After that, a physical exam has to be conducted so that a doctor could determine if you have any abnormalities in the vaginal and urinary tract area. Urine tests or vaginal swab may also be required.


If the cause of your painful urination is urinary tract inflammation, then it is treated very easily. A doctor will prescribe you with some antibiotic and usually you are supposed to take them for a few days. But, it is important to visit a doctor so that he can examine you and check if the infection has spread to your kidneys. Back pain and high fever are some of the symptoms that indicate kidney infection, and that is why it is important to inform your doctor about that. Prescribed antibiotics are supposed to be drunk precisely, otherwise their effect won't be the same.

In some women, these infections keep on recurring and everything they do seems to be without any result. There is a simple solution for them and it lies in taking in plenty of water, cranberry juice and other fluids that can help with urinary tract infection. Sometimes, urinary tract infection can appear after a sexual intercourse and a solution for that may be a warm bath or a shower after the intercourse. Bacteria in the vagina can also cause urinary tract infection in a woman. Women should also avoid products that contain a lot of chemicals and are used in vaginal area. If a woman is experiencing more than three urinary tract infections per year, a doctor may suggest preventive antibiotic program and monitor the condition during the period of one year.

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