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Eyes besides being one of our mostcherished organs since they provide us with sight, they are also oneof our most sensitive organs. The health of our eyes may bejeopardized by many infections, different diseases or injuries. Mostcommonly, the symptom of something being wrong with our eyes is theredness or simply swollen blood vessels within.

The reasons behind the unnaturalredness of our eyes may be several, some more serious than theothers. Nevertheless, there are numerous things you can do at thecomfort of your home which may help you deal with this fit.

First of all as it is the case withmost swellings apply cold compressions. You might use ice cubeswrapped in a piece of cloth or simply a wet, cold cloth. Apply it onyour eyelids at it may do away with the redness taking into concernthat the cold exposure should not last longer than five minutes.

Secondly, frequent exposure of yourface to cold water splashes is known to be a successful remedy,especially if the redness is caused by an allergic reaction.

As far as plants, herbs or productsmade from them are concerned, there are many which can be helpful.Sliced cucumbers placed on the eyelids is an old recipe known toreduce the swelling of the blood vessels thus reducing or removingthe redness as well. If applied several times a day, rose water has avery similar effect to that of cucumber. Another alternative,equally or even more effective is placing green tea bags on theeyelids. This procedure is more effective than those previouslymentioned since green tea reduces the swelling and possibleirritations along with the size of the blood vessels.

There are more natural cures for thiscondition and one of them are fennel seeds. After being boiled, thesolution should be left to cool itself and afterwards applied throughface splashing.

Honey and black pepper powder provide astrange combination but are rather effective cure for this purpose.Mixed together, they are applied to the red eye or eyes and laterwashed away, after couple of minutes.

As mentioned before, water is a veryimportant cure for the eye redness. Cotton soaked in cold water canbe enough to treat this. Also, drinking water regularly may do awaywith the redness since one of the causes of it may be dehydration.

Certainly, there are plenty more homeremedies you can find, but these mentioned above will perfectly serveas a first aid kit when it comes to treating red eyes.

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