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Frequent urination is an medically referred to as urinaryincontinence and it is a condition in which a patient is unable to control themovements of the bladder. The condition can grow to be very irritating and, incertain situations, socially embarrassing. The common causes may includeprolonged retention, diabetes and numerous other underlying medical conditions.

Other causes may include cystitis and an infection of the urinary tract.Frequent urination can be easily characterized by an urge to urinate often,pain or irritation, fatigue, increased thirst, inability to control bladdermovement, alterations in appetite or a change in color of urine.

Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies that can be used for thetreatment of frequent urination. One of the most simple and the most commonremedies can be made from yogurt and basil leaves. Those who suffer fromfrequent urination should follow a steady and balanced diet. Cranberry juice isalso one of the most efficient home remedies that can be used to fight frequenturination caused by an infection of the urinary tract. Basil leaves can beused to extract the juice and then it can be mixed with honey to provide a verypotent remedy.

Yogurt in its fresh and plain form is very beneficial for thetreatment of this condition because it has very strong antibacterial propertieswhich provide the precious relief. Drinking lots of water on a daily basis isanother good idea because it is very efficient in preventing dehydration andflushing out numerous toxic substances from the body.

It is stronglyrecommended to indulge in kegel exercises on a daily basis because they can bevery beneficial in providing one with control over the bladder. Phytoestrogenscan also be very beneficial for the condition. Those who suffer from frequenturination should ingest more fibrous foods and they should avoid alcohol,nicotine, caffeine and foods that are rich in saturated fats.

Pumpkin seeds can be of great help while cleavers andcornsilk have proven to be very powerful remedies for the treatment of numerousinflammations that can be associated with the condition. Vitamin C is also veryimportant in fighting bladder infections. Magnesium can also be very helpfulsince it restores muscle health. Cornus is another efficient remedy that strengthensthe kidneys and solves the problem by doing so. Dodder is an herb that alsoaffects the kidneys in a positive way and relieves frequent urination.Valerian can also be helpful because it treats the infections of the urinarytract and relaxes the muscles.

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