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Indigestion is a common problem which is usually caused by ingesting types of food that are unsuitable to the person. The stomach cannot convert the ingested food into soluble substances and the food does not get digested and causes dysentery, cramps, constipation, stomach ache and diarrhea. There are numerous ways of relieving indigestion using substances that can be commonly found at almost any home.

The leaves of holy basil can be mixed in with ginger and jaggery in order to make pellets that should be taken on a daily basis. This remedy relieves the indigestion and provides the person with appetite in just a few days. A paste can be made from sweet pomegranate juice, jaggery and roasted cumin seeds and is another efficient home remedy for indigestion. Indigestion caused by flour can be relieved by drinking warm water. Rock salt is very efficient in relieving indigestion caused by pulses.

Peepal tree bark can be dissolved in water in order to treat indigestion caused by ingesting too many sweets. Cooked rice solves the problem of indigestion caused by palm tree orcoconut. Neem powder can come in handy with indigestion caused by food containing too much synthetic preservatives.

A banana should relieve an indigestion caused by jackfruit, while pure ghee efficiently treats indigestions caused by excess amounts of bananas. Lemon juice relieves indigestion caused by excess amounts of ghee. Excess amounts of any type of food can cause indigestion. Ginger is good when one had too many dates or groundnuts.

Cardamom powder can be used for the indigestion. This is caused by ingesting too much of water. Raw wheat is beneficial in relieving indigestion caused by cucumbers. Datura seeds bring instant relief in cases of lentil or chickpea indigestion. Asafetida deals with regular indigestion problems very efficiently. Aniseed is another well known remedy for the treatment of indigestion.

Bael tree fruit is also very potent in relieving indigestion. A juice can be made from raw black nightshade leaves in order to treat indigestion. Celery provides the stomach with proper digestion. Cinnamon water and coriander juice are also very efficient in treating indigestion. Dill oil tonic and boiled fenugreeks seeds can also come in very handy. Some other home remedies for indigestion include garlic, parsley, fennel and chamomile tea.

Some precautions can keep the indigestion away for good. This includes always eating at the same time of day, eating lots of salads, avoiding cold and hot food at the same time, avoiding incompatible foods and avoiding excess amounts of any type of food.

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