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Introduction to Painful Urination

When a person is experiencing a painful or burning feeling while urinating it is felt usually in the urethra, which is the outlet that the bladder uses to get rid of urine, or the perineum which is the area that surrounds the genitals.

Many people have problems with the painful urination and it is most common to occur when a person has a urinary tract infection, especially in the case of women.

Urinary tract infections are less common in men, mostly because the penis is located outside of the body. However, men can suffer from urethritis and prostate problems that can also cause painful urination in their own right.

Symptoms of Painful Urination

The symptoms are pretty obvious and they include pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, in addition to the pain while urinating.

When a person is urinating, they feel a burning or stinging discomfort. In such cases, the needed to urinate is also usually more frequent, but every time the person goes to the bathroom he or she is only able to pass a small amount of urine.

In such cases the urine is usually cloudy and a lot stronger smelling than usual, sometimes it is even a little tinged with blood.

Sometimes a yellow discharge that is not urine is noticed coming out of the urethra.

Women who have this kind of problem often experience pain while having sex as well.

When to see a doctor

A doctor should be notified when there is sharp pain constantly arriving in waves that start back below the ribs and moves towards the groin. If this pain is being felt, it may be a case of kidney stones.

If a person has a fast rising fever and pain in the back then it might be a kidney infection.

When a women has tenderness and pain in the lower back and abdomen and pain during intercourse it is possible that she has dometriosis or pelvic inflammation disease.

If there is an abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina along with the painful urination then it could be a case of a sexually transmitted disease.

If the urine is bloody then the doctor needs to be contacted immediately.

Of course, a doctor should be called if the urination is still painful after the person has undergone a full treatment and asked for a second diagnosis because, obviously, the treatment that was order by the doctor did not have any effects on the problem.

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