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Zits are a commonproblem for people of all ages and are also known as pimples or acne. Zits are inflammationsof the skin and are most often found on the face, but they are also found on the otherpart of the body.

They are caused by overactive oil glands producing more oil which mixes with dead skin cells and blocks the pores in the skin. This enables bacterial infections to develop a new zit which is born. Almost everyone pops and picks them but that is not a good idea as the infection could be spread or scars could be formed.

The major causes of zits are hormonal changes all teenagers experience, but also the hormonal changes women experience in their menstrual cycles. There is also the genetic predisposition for zits, and increased eating of sweet and fatty foods. Smoking and poor personal hygiene aggravate the problem further.

There are safe methods for home treatment of zits, the basic ingredients of which can be found in every household and are quite safe.

Consumption of garlic has been found helpful in dealing with zits, and also massaging the infected areas with garlic several times a day. You can apply a mix of honey, olive oil and sandalwood powder to zits as well. Prepare a mix of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and three tablespoons of honey and apply it overnight to the pimples and then wash it off in the morning, but this process should be continued for at least 15 days to be effective. Make a face mask of honey, nutmeg and lime juice, or nutmeg with black pepper and sandalwood, and apply it for about an hour every day. Aloe vera gel has excellent potential for removing zits and can be applied on the skin or eaten to remove the infections. Another facial treatment method is a mix of a teaspoon of coriander juice or mint juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Lemon juice could be applied to the zits, or even margosa leaves extract.

Another important factor in home treatment of zits is a special diet focused on intake of vitamins A, E and zinc. Wheat grass juice, soybean, corn and other good sources of fatty acids are also beneficial, while regular fatty foods are not and should be avoided. Fresh fruit and vegetables positively affect healing and treatment of zits. Tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided, and replaced by drinking more water.

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