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Urination pain in males and females

The body eliminates the waste matters out of the body through the urination. Every person urinates for several times a day and it is important in order to throw out the excess liquid from the body. It is not rare that a person may experience a pain or a burning sensation while urinating and this problem is very frequent in men as well as in women. This kind of pain is usually accompanied by cloudy urine and distinct urine odor.

Causes of urination pain

Painful urination is usually only the symptom of certain other medical condition; for example, it is a symptom of a urinary tract infection, which can be either viral or bacterial. If this infection appears, it is also manifested through the pain while urinating. The urinary tract is composed of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra and in the case when just one of these parts of the urinary system is infected, the urination becomes painful and is accompanied by a characteristic burning sensation. In the serious cases, the blood may appear in the urine.

Painful urination may also be a sign of the kidney stones, especially in adults. Kidney stones are solid lump formations in the kidneys. The person with this problem feels the pain in the abdomen first. When the kidney stones penetrate into the urinary tract, this pain spreads gradually down to the genitals and groin, and in such cases, painful urination is accompanied by fever and frequent urge for urinating.

Pain that occurs during urination may be a symptom of vaginal infection and prostrate cancer, but also of any sexually transmitted disease. Those sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by the bacteria gonorrhea or Chlamydia induce painful urination and painful sexual intercourse.

Prostrate cancer is one of the most common triggers for the appearance of pain while urinating in men. This cancer may remain limited just to the prostrate for years without spreading to the other organs in the body. Because of that, the early diagnosis is very important and the treatment is not very difficult and complicated. The most common symptoms of this disease are related to the urinary problems, but when the blood is found in urine, it means that the cancer has already spread on the tissues that are around the prostrate.

The painful urination in women is usually caused by vaginalitis, which is a medical term for the inflammation of the vagina. The pain is usually accompanied by itching and foul smelling urine. Furthermore, the urine is of dark yellow color.

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