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Piles are swollen veins in the rectal area. They are also called hemorrhoids. Person with piles has difficulties to defecate. Piles are annoyed each time when stools pass. Piles are painful and they can be dry or they can start bleeding if piles are dry for long time.

There are many causes of hemorrhoids. The most common causes are: long-lasting constipation, long-lasting cough or sneeze, pregnancy can cause piles, obesity, long sitting on the commode defecating.

Hemorrhoids are developing in three stages. In the first stage, piles are shown outside when you defecate. In the second stage, piles go inside when you depress them not automatically as in the first stage. In the last stage, piles can become bleeding.

Some good home remedies for hemorrhoids are:

Put yogurt in bowl to the top and add some black mustard. Eat this mixture and carefully chew mustard in yogurt. After this drink full glass of buttermilk. This home remedy removes piles in very short time.

Other remedy that treats piles quickly are peels of pomegranate. Boil water with peels and drink one glass of this in the morning and one glass in the evening. Add some peppercorns, rock salt and ginger to buttermilk from cow’s milk. Drink this mixture twice a day. This can help you against pains of the piles.

Good remedy is also to make powder of 10g of black mustard and put it in 150 ml of goat’s milk. Put 5g of sugar in this and drink this mixture in the morning. This remedy is used for bleeding hemorrhoids.

Natural remedy for piles is turmeric. You need to make powder of one slice of turmeric.Put in blender yogurt, flower of tamarind and pomegranate juice. Blend this and then add to the mixture coriander and ginger pastes. This is good for pains of piles.

Good remedy for piles that destroys them is to dry some slices of yam. Make powder of them. Add 80g of white leadworth, 10g of black pepper and 500g of jaggery into 160g of yam powder. Make pellets of these and eat one pellet in the morning and one pellet in the evening. Pellets should be as same size as cherry.

Good remedy for bleeding piles is to take freshly prepared yogurt of goat’s milk and freshly chopped carrots. Mix them together and then drink this mixture.

For excruciating pains of the piles use coconut putting it on painful areas. This is short term remedy. One the useful remedy for piles that brings relief is to take one full tablespoon of roasted cumin seeds powder and one full tablespoon of non roasted cumin seeds and mix them. Put half a tablespoon of this mixture in a glass of cold water. You need to drink this once a day.

Good remedies for hemorrhoids are also figs, turnip and onion. Onion works fast and has better effect in row state.

Persons with hemorrhoids should avoid following: spicy foods which are bad for digestion, eating the foods which causes constipation, sitting on commode or any hard surfaces for long time, coughing and sneezing while standing, foods such as mustard, eggplant, salt, red chili peppers, asafetida.

People with piles need to do abdominal exercises regularly. Exercise will help them to treat piles.

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