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Cystitis more frequently appears in the women than in men and it is their ordinary problem, usually caused by some bacterial infections that inflame the urinary bladder. It can be bacterial and intestinal, and there are several symptoms of this disorder among which are burning pain during and after urination, sudden and frequent urination, pain in the low back, nausea and vomiting.

The cause of intestinal cystitis is not known, while the main cause of bacterial cystitis is bacteria E. coli. In women, the risk factors for cystitis are numerous sexual partners, inadequate hygiene, use of a diaphragm as the means of conception, and the absence of a specific enzyme in vaginal secretions. Diagnosis is made after testing the urine and finding bacteria or some other organism in it.

Natural cures for cystitis

First of all, one who has cystitis must change the lifestyle and the diet. Good health habits, as well a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients is necessary. In the majority of cases, antibiotics are prescribed to treat cystitis. However, there are several natural remedies that can be so effective, that the person with cystitis does not have to take antibiotics any longer.

It is recommended to avoid sugar in the diet because sugar fosters the bacteria multiplication. Furthermore, drinking as much liquid as possible is necessary. Minimum 8 glasses of water a day must be consumed. Lemon juice is a powerful antiseptic; therefore, it is advisable to drink it every day until cystitis is cured.

Barley water or cranberry juice is also very beneficial in treatment of the bladder infection. Cranberry juice contains flavonoids that do not allow bacteria to attach to the wall of the bladder, and it is recommended not to sweeten the juice although it has a bitter taste. Baking soda is recommended to bring back alkalinity, and fresh organic vegetables do the same. Avoiding caffeine, chocolate and alcohol is needed because these substances may irritate the bladder more.

Herbs for cystitis

Pipsisewa is an herb that stimulates the elimination of bacteria from the system, in addition to accumulated waste products. Pipsisewa contains hydroquinones that cleanse the urinary tract. Buchu is an herb that contains diosphenol, limonene and pulegone, the three powerful volatile oils that have positive impact on the treating of cystitis. Diosphenol is proved to have antibacterial, antiseptic and diuretic features, and thus it is the most essential component of this herb. In the case when a person who suffers from cystitis has a problem with painful urination or has strong burning sensation while urinating, the tea of buchu and Marshmallow in combination is the most effective. Marshmallow is rich in mucilage, scopoletin and salicylic acid. They are very good at reducing the symptoms of cystitis, such as burning and irritation. Valerian tea is recommended to relieve stress and tension and to relax muscles.

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