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Jaundice is rather a significant symptom of a condition called hepatitis. That is why it has been taken seriously and the patient has to visit his/ her doctor to receive a proper a treatment. However there are some plants and herbs that may be helpful in reducing the intensity of jaundice at home. The patients have to follow the doctor's orders and take the prescribed medications. He/ she is also obliged to follow the regimes regarding daily activities.

When jaundice occurs the person must be on a juice diet. Numerous fruit and vegetables are blended and the juice must be always fresh. This means he/ she is forbidden to eat food rich in fats, canned or packed food and groceries that are hard to digest. Coffee, tea or even alcohol drinks are banned as well. After the initial juice diet one can shift to a light diet rich in proteins with restricted amount of carbohydrates and no fats at all. Vitamins and minerals are recommendable as well especially iron and calcium.

As for vegetable the most powerful is the tomato juice. It is best to be taken in the morning before any other food. Sugarcane juice is recommendable as well. This plant has been proven to help in treating jaundice. The liver recovers much quicker if sugarcane is consumed. The preparation of this plant must be conducted in extremely hygienic in conditions. Lemon and carrot juices are recovery boosters. One more perfect juice combination includes mint, ginger and lime juice.

One of the most powerful remedies in treating jaundice is turmeric powder. It is used two or three times a day, 1/4 of tsp dissolved in a glass of hot water. Lemon plant has strong potential. Its leaves (8 to 10) are dipped into the boiled water; the pot is then covered with the lid and left for 5 minutes. It is taken 4 to 5 times per day. Papaya leaves mixed with honey are another perfect combination.

The juice of bitter laffa can be prepared rather easily. A pound of bitter laffa leaves is squeezed and the product is then filtered with a cloth or fine filtering paper. This juice is then inhaled. This juice may be only taken under medical supervision. In a similar manner green leaves of radish are prepared. But this juice is supposed to be taken for 10 minimum days and one drinks it. The leaves of snake gourd are prepared with boiling water. This is rather common home remedy available to everyone.

There are several more herbs which are quite efficient in treating this condition. They include coriander seeds, barley, and bitter gourd.An old Indian drug Amlaki is available in a form of powder, juice and docoction. And finally a bitter gourd can be roasted and then mashed. The juice is then squeezed and ready for consumption.

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