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Our eyes, apart being one of the mostimportant organs we have as well as being our priceless sense ofsight, are also very vulnerable and prone to numerous infections.

However, most of the infections causeonly visual problems like redness of the eyes. Regardless of thatfact, our eyes, when they succumb to an infection namedconjunctivitis, may be sore and incredibly irritating.

Conjunctivitis expresses itself throughthe redness of the eyes, pain and discomfort as well as watery eyes.It may last for several weeks after which period it starts reducingand disappears completely.

There are many home remedies one canchoose in order to reduce the effect of conjunctivitis along withshortening the process of the infection itself.

Applying slices of cucumber over theeyelids for a period of about 30 minutes is an old, but veryeffective remedy. This may treat any other eye problem beside soreeyes. As a natural alternative to this approach, one can use rawgrated apples or cotton balls soaked with rose water. They are bothapplied the same way, by placing the apples or the cotton over youreyelids.

A shorter lasting process involvesadding a small amount of salt to boiled water and, after soakingcotton balls into this solution, application of it on the eyelids fora period of 5 minutes, after which an instant relief should be felt.

Coriander is known to do wonders whenit comes to relieving one of conjunctivitis. Drop its leaves inboiled water and after the water becomes green colored wash your eyeswith it at least ten times in a row and repeat this process as manytimes you can until the illness is gone.

When it comes to teas which cure thisillness, chamomile and green tea do the trick. It is enough to placethe teabags, after being soaked in boiled water, of course, onto youreyelids and the irritation, itchiness and many other symptoms willreduce after re-applying or will be gone completely.

Soaking a piece of cotton cloth in asolution made from Aloe Vera extract and cool water and placing thecloth over one's eyes for a period of time is also known to be verybeneficial for your troubled eyes.

Alternatively, the potato slices can beplaced on the eyelids and eyes washed afterwards. Sometimes, plaincold or warm compression may help, but one needs to be careful thatthe compression is not to hot, as well as with all the casesmentioned above, since it may damage the eyes.

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