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Women who are in their late 30’s have greater chances to have fibroids, and the statistic data say that almost 50 percent of them have fibroids in that age. They may have only one, but some of them can have even hundred fibroids. Fibroids develop in the womb; they can be hereditary, but a woman can also get fibroids if eating unhealthy food, consuming alcohol, having too much stress or if she does not have enough vitamin B in her body. The increased level of estrogen is beneficial for skin and hair, but it can cause the growth of fibroids. Fibroids can be of different sizes, and if they are very small, they can be hard to notice. When they are small, women don’t feel any symptoms. The enlargement of fibroids can induce heavy bleeding, pelvic pain during the period and pressure on the bladder, but if the symptoms are very uncomfortable, surgery can be the only solution. However, once your fibroids have been removed, that doesn’t mean they won’t grow back again. If the fibroids are growing back, hysterectomy might be considered as a solution.

There are some herbal treatments which will help you to stop the fibroids from growing back or to decrease the size of them. Fibroids do not develop fast so that gives you the time to try with natural treatments, which include herbs and acupuncture. You should talk to specialist who has high success in treating fibroids with the help of herbs. Vitex affects the development of fibroids by slowing down the process of their growth. There are some herbs which help the system to get rid of fibroids and those are prickly ash bark, ginger, cleavers, mullein and burdock. There are also herbs which can help you to ease the symptoms. Red raspberry and motherwort are excellent for the reduction of the bleeding, menstrual pain, and anemia. There is a famous tea, called Uterine Fibroid Tea, that is used to treat this condition, and it consists of burdock root, cramp bark, motherwort leaves, and wild yam rhizome, which are all mixed with prickly ash bark, cleavers and mullein leaves, and ginger rhizome. This mixture of herbs together with the one quart of water should be boiled in a pot for a couple of minutes. Then wait for 20 minutes and you can drink it. You should drink minimum two cups daily. This tea should be used for several months.

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