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Syphilis is an infectious venereal disease. It is usually transmitted by sexual intercourse or acquired congenitally. If it is left untreated, it can lead to the degeneration of the heart, the bones, the nerve tissue, etc. It is also called the French disease. There are some herbs that can help in dealing with syphilis. One of them is Plantain, when used as tea and as external application. Pine is also one of herbs that was used for syphilis treatment by Zunis. Diseased patient is supposed to chew pine needles and eat them. After that he has to drink a lot of water and run for a mile. After running he has to wrap a blanket around him, scrap the syphilitic ulcers until a blood appears. Then a powdered pinion gum is sprinkled in order to improve the process of healing.Another herb is prickly ash. In combination with blue flag and mandrake it is useful for syphilis healing. It is supposed to be taken in short intervals and small doses. True Sarsaparilla is herb first brought from New Spain in 16th century. It was believed in early days that it is the only remedy for syphilis. Then it has its own history. Having been forgotten, in 1927 a scientist Perutz reached a conclusion that it was helpful in syphilis treatment, in a way that it improved defensive system of human body.Stillingia is herb used for every form of syphilis. After thorough examination, it was concluded that it is very helpful. It is only important to prepare it in the right way. It is as good as any anti-syphilitics. It is said for burdock that it is the best blood purifier. We use the root of burdock. In the old times, burdock was used as a cure for bad blood, ulcers, tumors and many skin diseases. Here we give you a formula that is good for syphilis, scrofula, skin diseases and a whole condition of the system.You need to put 4 ounces of the dried cut burdock in 3 pints of distilled water. It should be help that way for 4 hours, then simmered for half an hour very slowly and kept in a cool place. Adults should drink one glass (2 oz) three or four times a day, children should take it in smaller dose, depending on their age.Other herbs that have effect in treatment of syphilis are cloves, barberry and echinacea. They are supposed to have features that promote syphilis treatment.

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