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Energy boosters

The demands of everyday life are constantly increasing and one feels that he/she does not have enough energy to finish all during a day. Because of that, there are so many energy boosters on the market, and because of their growing popularity, energy enhancers such as energy drinks and energy supplements, have been the subject of many studies.

The energy boosters may be very beneficial because that may provide enough energy necessary for the performing of all the wanted activities. However, there are so many energy enhancers that can be dangerous for the health of a consumer, and that is why, it is important to know which are healthy and harmless and which are not.

Reducing fatigue

Fatigue, stress, general constitutional weakness and poor digestion are something that every man has to deal with almost every day, and are the main reasons why the organism is not capable to transform food to energy at optimal levels. First of all, one must change daily habits that are the causes of fatigue in order to restore vitality. A healthy diet is recommended. The foods, such as sweets, sugar, coffee, must be avoided, while on the other side a person should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. It is very important to avoid overeating. Furthermore, poor sleeping and stress also cause fatigue, so therefore, enough sleep and stress management will help a lot.

Energy boost herbs

Before using any energy boost herb, it is important to reduce the causes of fatigue first, and then decide which of the herbs is the most effective. The Chinese herbs are the most recommended by now. Tonics and adaptogenic herbs are often used in the Chinese Medicine. Tonics are the herbs or the combinations of different herbs, which are very effective for the strength of various systems. On the other hand, adaptogenic herbs are herbs that provide much energy for the whole body, not just for certain systems or organs.

American ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Ligustrum berries, fo-ti, and rehmannia are some of the herbs that are very helpful in restoring energy. They are traditional chi tonics that help in boosting the adrenal system. Furthermore, Ashwagandha, a main herb used in Ayurveda, is also highly recommended. If a person has problems with poor digestion, the Chinese herbs Korean red ginseng and ginger root are good for digestion and for nutrient absorption. Gentian, angelica, orange peel and cardamom are four other herbs that are used as digestive aids. Alfalfa, chickweed, burdock root, young dandelion leaves, lambsquarters, nettles and purslane are herbs rich in minerals and vitamins that can enhance our energy and vitality.

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