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Sarcoidosis is a disease that affects flesh (skin). It means that this disease is blood disorder and condition of blood is manifested in the skin. Origin of sarcoidosis is unknown and this disease is most common for African-Americans females. Term sarcoidosis comes from Greek words sarx which means flesh and osis which means condition. Sarcoidosis usually attacks liver, lungs, skin, spleen, mucous membranes and salivary and lacrimal glands. Also, it can attack lymphatic system.

Sarcoidosis is preventable and reversible disease. It is degenerative disorder. Sarcoidosis affects different are in different people. Most of people have toxic blood and affected lymphatic system and internal skin. Everybody has different manifestation of sarcoidosis and it affects our weak or energy deficient areas.Sarcoidosis is actually skin condition manifested to obstruction of internal skin (mucous membranes) and lymphatic system.

Foods such as candy and chocolate, processed food stuffs, alcohol, refined grains, coffee, beer, soda pop should not be used. These are called junk foods.

The next thing is to detoxify your body. This will purify your blood. Purified blood makes cleaner lymphatic fluid. Blood and lymphatic fluids are vital and it is necessary to cleanse them. These fluids run in opposite directions. Human body contains three times more lymphatic fluids then blood. There are some herbs which can help you in purifying blood and lymphatic fluids.

Herb which helps in cleansing, revitalizing, nourishing and strengthening lymphatic fluids are mullein leaves, echinacea root, red root, octillo, goldenseal root, lobelia, wild indigo, cleavers and burdock root.

For blood good herbs are burdock root, yellow dock root, elder berries, nettle leaf, strawberry leaf, cerasee, cransebill, bay berry, cayenne, goldenseal root, dandelion root, amalaki fruit and oregon grape.

People with sarcoidosis need to pay attention to their glandural or endocrine system. Herbs which can help with that are licorice root, maca, sarsaparilla, kelp and all varieties of ginseng.

Good herbs for mucous membranes are Marshmallow, lobelia, slippery elm bark, irish moss, mullein leaves and red raspberry.

People with sarcoidosis have to constantly purify whole their body. The most important is to purify their blood. Vegan-vegetarian diet and eating green foods and fruit will alkalize your body what is very important for internal organs to heal. Green foods are green leafy vegetables.

Good therapies for people with sarcoidosis are alkalizing baths with sea salt and oxygen baths.

You have to stop using meat and dairy products and that will help in sarcoidosis treatment.

Sarcoidosis can be 100% cured if you choose not to live all your life with this condition.

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