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Boils are the painful lumps on the skin caused by bacterial infection. The medical treatment of boils includes several approaches. Still there are natural remedies and certain herbs that can be amazingly effective in treatment of this skin condition.

Herbs in Treatment of Boils

Sometimes the boils occur as a consequence of accumulated toxins within the body. The best way to prevent boil would then be to clear the body from toxins. An excellent internal cleanser is the root of the burdock herb. Children can be given a single dose of the herb thrice each day in a period of five days.

Improper functioning of the immune system can cause a variety of skin infections including boils. To boost immune system one can use a variety of herbs. For instance, the goldenseal and Echinacea are astonishingly powerful in enhancement of the immune system. These herbs can be effectively combined since Echinacea is mostly in charge of battle against viruses while the goldenseal is more efficient in fight against bacteria. These herbs can be taken orally and there is even possibility of topical usage. There is a from of the goldenseal that can be easily applied right onto the surface of a boil. This way the goldenseal can demonstrate its powerful antiseptic characteristics. In children Echinacea should not be administered longer than 10 days.

A Ginger tea is another excellent remedy for boils. Compresses that contain this tea are placed right onto the boil. It is best if compresses that contain ginger tea are used four times a day and once they are put onto the boil they need to stay there for approximately 15 minutes. The point is that the compresses are used worm. This way they will accelerate the puss formation.

Green clay is amazingly good at drying of the puss and its drainage. Green clay is used in a from of a paste and is applied directly onto the boil. This paste can be applied right after the compress of ginger tea is removed from the boil.

The tea tree oil can be also used. Compresses that contain this oil are applied topically. The effect is antiseptic as this is the only one of the characteristics of tea tree oil.

The usnea moss is remarkable warrior against Staphylococcus aureus. Clean cloth is soaked in tea prepared from this herb and the cloth is then applied onto the surface of a boil. This treatment is most effective if applied three times a day. Ointment made of usnea moss is also available.

And finally, external application of herbal poultices can be very effective. One poultice that is highly efficient in case of boils contains the following herbs: the plantain, the root of the Marshmallow, the goldenseal and the Oregon grape root.

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