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In the past it was usually the cause of women needing anexcuse to avoid having to make love with a man whose sexual appetite is muchmore insistent. Recent years have shown that it has become the total oppositeof the situation described above and now men have problems with the so calledperformance anxiety. Other causes of inhibited sexual desire in men aredepression, sexual guilt, recreational drugs and fear of intimacy. Sexuality isthe area of human health where the mind matters the most and in most cases ofsexual dysfunction the main cause is of emotional or mental origin.

Impotencecan be primary in rare cases but the secondary cases occur as well and theyprohibit completion of a sexual intercourse. In most cases of secondaryimpotence the causes are emotional and mental factors while all the others maybe caused by cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and various other disorders. Ithas been proven that the impotence does not necessarily come with age. Impotenceis usually treated with yohimbine hydrochloride, but it sometimes triggerscertain side effects such as nervousness, dizziness and anxiety. Various herbaltherapies can be used in the treatment of impotence when used in combinationwith breathing exercises hydrotherapy and a balanced diet.

Herbal Programs

Herbal programs can be divided into several categories.Relaxing herbs are used to treat the person whose root causes of impotence aretension, anxiety and poor sleep. The most common relaxing herbs include passionflower, lavender, California poppy, valerian and wild oats. Passion flower ismild and often used with other herbal remedies, while valerian And Californiapoppy usually make for the most effective solution. Aphrodisiacs are herbalremedies that are commonly used for an increase in sexual desire. Ginseng isthe most potent herb that can be used to increase sexual vitality and energy.

It is usually used in combination with ginger. Other herbal aphrodisiacs thatcan be effective include damiana, ginger, turmeric, mira puama and chocolate.Testosterone enhancers are recommended for those who suffers from low levels oftestosterone. Those most commonly include sarsaparilla extracts or wild yam.

One can also try using red panax ginsengs because they still may be the bestsolution for the low levels of testosterone. Herbal stimulants for those whosuffer from poor circulation usually include prickly ash bark, ginger,motherwort and turmeric. Adaptogens are recommended for those who are underexcessive stress and they include ginseng, eleuthero, schisandra andashwaganda. Tonics are commonly used when a person is weak and needs vitalenergy.

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