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Back pain can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. Sometimes there are no illnesses which are responsible for this pain and, for example, bad posture can be a cause of back pain. Herbs can be magical even when it comes to pain of this area. Herbal remedies have been used for many years and their power have been explained up to certain extent. Each and every herb possesses certain pain relieving qualities. They can act antispasmodic which means that they fight against muscle spasms. Some of them possess sedative characteristics. Relaxation of muscles is perfectly achieved by herbs which posses relaxing characteristics. And finally, certain herbs successfully fight against inflammation. Inflammation can be only one cause of back pain.

Availability of Herbs for Back Pain

Herbs are rather available. They can be obtained in every well-supplied store. They can be even purchased at a market. Some people who have appropriate space such as gardens may even grow herbs. Basically, herbs can be used directly (e.g. put on the compresses and placed onto the painful spot), or they can be used in a form of tea, tinctures, ointments, and so on. Some herbs, especially spices, can be even used as a suitable ingredient of meals. Fresh herbs can usually help with mild back pain. However, herbal supplements contain higher concentration of herbs and therefore are more effective. One must be well prepared and be familiar with the limited amount of herb that is being used. Every excess can be more harmful than effective.

List of Herbs Used for Back PainSaw Palmetto- rather effective in battle against inflammationChamomile- an excellent muscle relaxantFeverfew- alleviates the painBurdock- alleviates the painYarrow - keep the muscles strongStinging Nettle - reduces the painCayenne Pepper- pain reduction when used topicallyWillow Bark- pain reductionRosemary- fights against inflammationDevil's Claw- alleviation of pain and good for arthritisAngelica- pain reduction, good for inflammation and spasmsMustard Seed Extract- pain reduction when used topicallyGingko Biloba leaves- better circulationBromelain- reduction of inflammationValeria- reduction of inflammationCat's Claw- reduction of inflammationLicorice- reduction of inflammationHorsetail- accelerates healing process and alleviates the painCramp Bark- reduction of spasmsBlack Haw- reduction of spasmsGinger- alleviates the painGrape seed extract- reduction of inflammation, better circulationAny Mint Green- reduction of pain when used topicallyCoriander- reduction of pain when used topicallyBilberry- better circulationCelery Seed- muscle relaxationKava Root- reduction of pain and anesthetic characteristicsPrecautions

One should be familiar with all the information related to herbs. This is important as they may contain some toxic substances. This is why some herbs may be used internally while others are only used externally. So before trying any of the herbs or herbal products one should better consult a doctor.

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