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One of the most crucial and vitalparts of the human body is respiratory system. You can thank this system for the every breath you take. Oxygen is needed in the bloodstream and this happensthanks to the respiratory system. If the oxygen is not supplied to the blood,the body will not be able to function, or it will be greatly impaired. If theblood is not supplied in the proper way, death of the body cells occurs inminutes. Some of the most common problems with respiratory system includecommon cold, running nose, sinusitis, coughs, allergic rhinitis, sore throatsand sneezing, and almost every person on the planet has come in contact withone of them.


There are many herbs that canhelp if you are suffering from a respiratory problem, but we have to say thatthey will treat the whole problem only when used together. Each has its owneffect and their effects combined will bring the wanted effect. For therespiratory problems, you can use extract of lobelia and mullein. They are thetwo most important remedies available. Mullein can be used for treating theinflammation, because it will sooth the body and help the lungs to relax, sothey can absorb even more oxygen. Musculature lining can be relaxed due tothe use of lobeia extract, because it is an antispasmodic agent that will alsopreserve healthy lungs.

Along with the treatment of sinus infection andmigraine headaches, thyme and fenugreek can be used for treating respiratoryproblems. They can also transport mucus to the nasal cavity from the sinus region.You can use a mix of a Indian herb called jeeshta madhu and honey, for clearingthe respiratory canal. Sinusitis can be treated with calendula, eucalyptus,pepper and tei fu oils, while ginger can be used for its anti-spasmodicproperties. Infection and problems in the chest region can be eased with theuse of hyssop, elecampane, cherry bark, liquorice, mullein and black horsehound,all of which have an amazing effect on the respiratory problems and conditions.Asthma can be treated with black cumin, lungs inflammation by the use ofchickweed, while hyssop reduces the bronchial secretion. Congestion and chestinfections can be treated with violts. Lung infection and coughs are problems thatcan be eliminated with the use of a very rare herb called coltsfoot. This rareherb can be used for protecting the tracheal tube and the lungs inner linings.

Try some of the mentioned herbs if you are having respiratory problems. Theywill help in many ways, such as increasing the secretion of the lung tissue andhelp the mucus membranes.

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