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Poor circulation is a condition that can occur in absolutely any part of the body especially in the extremities, both upper and lower.

The most common manifestation of the condition is caused by thrombophlebitis which is an acute disease that is usually self-limiting and lasts for about a week or two.

The symptoms of this condition usually include tenderness, bluish discoloration, pain, and a distention of superficial veins affecting the groin, buttock, lower abdomen and thighs, when bad circulation in the lower extremities is being discussed.

The chronic stage of this condition will show symptoms of pain and soreness while standing or walking which can only be relieved by rest and elevating the legs.

Tenderness in the calves and lower legs can also be experiences.

Herbal treatmentsThere are many herbs in Chinese medicine and other realms however that can be very effective in improving a person’s circulation.

Ginger is a spice that can be used for many different things and to treat many various forms of ailments. Ginger will stimulate blood circulation, it contributes to beneficial circulatory effects with phenols and volatile oils that will prevent the blood from clotting.

Gingko Biloba leaves and seeds will improve circulation as well, especially in the extremities. The flavonoids and terpenoids found in the leaves and seeds are what protects the blood vessels from damage and dilates them in order to encourage better blood flow.

Cayenne can also stimulate blood traveling to the heart and it also strengthens the pulse while regulating cholesterol levels.

Kelp is used as a general nutritive tonic that supplies essential vitamins and minerals. It also cleanses the body of pollutants that can cause poor blood circulation.

Blue Vervain will help with poor circulation with its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Prickly ash bark is a circulatory stimulant that will have much longer lasting effects than most other herbal remedies. Its barriers contain a strong oil that will stimulate circulation and it is also a great blood purifier.

Butcher’s broom will also help to build structure in the veins and improve circulation, especially in the urinary tract. It will help in cases when poor circulation can become a serious problem, such in post-operative thrombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The herb will make blood vessels stronger and keep them clean and healthy which will prevent clotting and improve circulation all at once.

The fibrous roots of the wild Peony flower will also improve circulation by relaxing the blood vessels and making the blood less sticky by providing nourishment to the blood.

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