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Fibrocystic breast is a condition in which the cysts get formedin the breast because the fluid does not get evacuated from the breast. Thecysts can grow or shrink in size but they are always benign. Sometimes too muchfluid gets deposited in the breasts and the lymphatic system simply cannottransport out such large amounts of fluids. Every woman should monitor thebreasts and perform frequent checks.

Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies that can be used for a veryefficient treatment of fibrocystic breasts. Coenzyme Q10 is very efficient inremoving numerous toxic substances from the human body. Primrose oil can alsocome in very handy in reducing the size of lumps in the breasts. Vitamin E isnoted for its potent antioxidant properties and it protects the breast tissue.Vitamin B6 is much needed for a proper management of hormone levels and fluidlevels in the human body.

Those who have fibrocystic breasts should avoid tea,cola, coffee, chocolate and all the other types of food that may contain caffeine.Drinking tea which consists of dandelion root, prickly ash bark, mulleinleaves, cleavers leaves and burdock root on a daily basis can be very beneficial.A breast compress can also be made from lavender essential oil, warm water,ginger essential oil, calendula flowers tincture and chamomile essential oil.Home remedies should be used to relieve the symptoms which can also beindicators of some serious underlying condition. One should eliminate from the daily diet alltypes of food that contain methylxanthines since they significantly increasethe production of stress hormones.

Ice compresses can be very efficient in relieving the symptomsof fibrocystic breasts such as inflammation and tenderness. A balanced and healthydiet should include mackerel, salmon and trout since they are abundant inomega-3 fatty acids and iodine. A person suffering from fibrocystic breastsshould cut back on meat as much as possible, while vegetables should beconsumed in abundance because of their powerful diuretic properties.

Ingestingplenty of whole grain foods is highly recommended. Kelp can also be of greathelp, while salt should be avoided as much as possible. Hot compresses can beequally helpful as their cold counterparts but they expose the patient too muchless of a shock. It is also recommended to ingest as much vitamin E, vitamin Aand essential fatty acids as possible because they can also be very beneficialfor the condition. Regular exercise is a must, while smoking is completelyout of the question.

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