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Poor circulation is often characterized by the cold intolerance, a weak pulse and cold toes and fingers. Many people suffer from these symptoms in spite of adequate diet, good digestion and proper blood nourishing. These problems can sometimes be caused by certain underlying ailments and conditions such as cardiac weakness, anemia, hypothyroidism or deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Blood test cannot always define the problems associated with poor circulation.

There are various herbs that can be helpful in the treatment of poor circulation. Sometimes different mixes need to be mixes in order to relieve congestion, coldness, deficiencies, weakness and restriction that are usually affiliated with poor circulation. TCM analysis proves that the deficiency of vital energy can cause poor circulation and slow pulse, fatigue, weakness and poor digestion as well. Astragalus and ginseng are very efficient in strengthening the vital force, regulating the blood and improving capillary circulation.

If a patient experiences coldness it sometimes can be related to weather and exterior related cold. Dry ginger is very efficient in treating coldness along with shivering, joint pain and musculoskeletal pain and it fits into a group of warming herbs. Coldness is usually affiliated with blood deficiency or low energy so warming herbs should not be used for longer periods of time. If the coldness is combined with abdominal pain, nausea, poor digestion, fatigue and reduced appetite, one should use black pepper, licorice root or fresh ginger.

Liver restriction can also be the cause of poor circulation and is often combined with cold fingers, toes, tension, red tongue and a rapid wiry pulse. Citrus peel can be very potent in relieving these symptoms. Scullcap has similar properties but is also packed with soothing and calming effects.

Blood congestion is a condition in which the blood gets impeded or even sometimes completely stopped. The blood platelets stick together and they cause the blood to coagulate. There are various herbs that are efficient in promoting blood circulation, inhibiting the aggregation of platelets, improving tissue repair, removing of waste products.

These herbs can also improve healing processes, reduce inflammations, improve memory and relieve headaches. The herbs that can be used for this kind of treatment are bilberry, turmeric root, garlic and salvia root, among many others. Blood congestion can trigger menstrual cramps, thrombosis and Reynaud’s syndrome. The herbs that can come in handy include persica seed, e zhu root and prickly ash bark. Anteater scales can be used if a congestion progresses into a more severe condition.

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