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Everybody loves deserts, and there are so many to choose from that are delicious. We all want to be healthy but it is ok to splurge now and again especially if it is rocky road.

Rocky Road Directions

You will need the four whites of eggs that are whipped, half a cup of sugar, one table spoon of vanilla, half a cup of cocoa powder, one sifted, half a tea spoon of baking powder, quarter tea spoon of salt, half a cup of flour and one cup of Marshmallow crème. You will need to pre heat the oven to three hundred and twenty five degrees and get ready a pan with cooking spray and flour that is nine inches by thirteen inches. Use a bowl to mix the baking powder, cocoa powder, salt, and the flour and in a second mixing bowl, combine together the egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and the Marshmallow crème. Now you can mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients and simply bake for eighteen minutes.

A Special Rocky Road Recipe

You will need one hundred and twenty five grams of butter, two table spoons of golden syrup, four hundred grams of chocolate, one table spoon of desiccated coconut, five short bread biscuits, one hundred grams of Rice Krispies, a handful of raisons, a handful of small Marshmallows, a handful of white chocolate minstrels and a little icing sugar. Firstly you need to melt down the butter combined with the golden syrup on a low heat. You can start to include pieces of chocolate to melt in small potions. Now you can include the Rice Krispies and the coconut and stir it all together and stir in the remaining ingredients. At this point you can pour out the mixture into a dish and you will need to smooth it over however not too thin. It is advisable to score the liquid as well. It can now be stored in the fridge for around six hours after which icing sugar can be sprinkled over the top and cut into the slices that you scored earlier and serve.

The History of Recipes

The ancient Egyptians were known for their recipes, however, there are even older recipes that were found written on clay slabs dated much further back. Over the centuries the upper classes mainly were the ones who were always in competition with one and another over their recipes. In the 1900’s cookbooks were very popular.

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