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Gone are the days where there were just the seven set meals for the family dinner week. Monday’s spaghetti bolognaise, Tuesday’s fish and potato, Wednesday’s toad in the hole and so on. Now the choices and the demands have increased tenfold and the chef in the family needs to keep trying out new recipes to satisfy all the taste buds around the table. Here is a recipe for dumplings, since everyone loves dumplings but so many people do not cook them right. Follow this recipe to have the best dumplings ever. Ingredients for the Dumpling Dinner

One pound of turkey that is minced.Half a pound of a fiery turkey sausage.Use quarter of a Chinese cabbage, you can replace this for baby spinach or even Chinese bok choy if you want.Six green onions.One table spoon of sesame oil.One table spoon of soy sauce.Quarter a table spoon of pepper.Half a table spoon of corn flour mixed in quarter a cup of water.One table spoon of white wine. And for wrapping the dumplings use two packets of won ton wrappers, one bowl half full of water and one damp kitchen towel.Directions for Making the Dumplings

Get your food processor out of the cupboard and combine the turkey mince and sausage but first don’t forget to take of the skins from the sausage. Now for the fun part, chop up all the onions and the cabbage and add them to the food processor along with the soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, white wine and of course the corn flour water and blend away. Now set this blended mixture to one side because now you need to set up your dumpling wrapping station. The Wrapping Station

So get out the half bowl of water, wrappers, the damp the kitchen towel and the chopsticks or the spoons, which ever you like. Now put some of your won ton wrappers flat on the table and you can slowly put a just over half a table spoon of the mixture on one of the won ton wrappers. Now put one of your fingers in the water and dampen one side of the won ton wrapper, then pinch together the sides opposing each other to make a little parcel so it resembles a half circle dumpling. Whilst you follow this process make sure you keep the finished dumpling wrappers covered in the damp cloth so they don’t get too dry. By now your water in the pasta pot is boiling at a low temperature so you can put the dumplings in the water for about twelve minutes. And there you are the perfect dumplings.

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