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Too Busy to Cook

Today everybody is in a rush, we are all trying to find the quick and easy solutions to everything in life. Cooking is a major daily task that has to be completed and to do this, as well as keep everyone happy with the recipe choices and also try to maintain the health of the family through the meal choices is extremely challenging. By making a quiche, it is relatively easy and it can be saved in the freezer for another meal and it can have any ingredients your family likes in it.

Low-Carbohydrate Deep-Dish Pizza Quiche Ingredients

This recipe allows four servings and is diabetes-friendly. You will need four ounces of cream cheese preferably at room temperature, four eggs, a third of a cup of whipped cream however you can use milk instead, quarter a cup of parmesan cheese that is grated, one table spoon of chives, half a tea spoon of garlic powder, half a tea spoon of dried out oregano, one cup of shredded Asiago cheese, two cups of shredded mozzarella cheese, half a cup of tomato sauce, two cups of mushrooms sliced up and sautéed, and two Italian sausages with their casing taken off, crumbled up and cooked through.

Low-Carbohydrate Deep-Dish Pizza Quiche Directions

You need to pre heat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees and butter up a baking dish that is about thirteen inches by nine inches. While you are waiting for the oven to heat up you can blend the cream cheese and the eggs in a blender, once they are smooth you can then incorporate the cream, Parmesan, chives, garlic, and oregano and blend again. On the bottom of the baking dish, you can spread out the Asiago and a cup of the mozzarella cheese. Now you can pour the egg mixture you made all over the cheese, this can be baked for about half an hour.

After half an hour you can spread the tomato sauce on top as well as the mushrooms and sausage, it can then be covered with the left over one cup of mozzarella. The oven can be turned onto the broiler and you can broil the quiche six inches from the heat until it starts to bubble and turn brown. After which you should allow it to stand for five minutes before you serve.

Information about the Dish

It contains 3.5 g of effective carbohydrates, 4 g of carbohydrates, 0.5 g of fiber, 16.3 g of protein, 25g of fat and 305 calories.

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