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When children and some adults hear the name of the cake, carrot cake, you may see noses turn upwards. However, this cake is not to be missed with its sweet grated apples taste and the hint of walnuts. It tastes great and it is relatively healthy.

Carrot Cake Recipe

You will need quite a few ingredients however they are all easy to come by. To start gather together three quarters of a cup of sugar, one cup of vegetable oil, four large eggs, one cup of white flour, one cup of whole wheat flour, two table spoons of baking soda, half a table spoon of salt, one and a half table spoons of cinnamon, two cups of grated carrots, one and a half cups of peeled and grated apples, one cup full of raisins and half a cup of walnuts. Now you have all your ingredients to hand you can mix the oil, eggs and sugar together until it gets thick, after that you can sieve the flour with the cinnamon and the soda and salt. Now is the time to combine the egg mixture and the flour mixture and you can also add the walnuts, apples, carrots and raisons and mix together all the ingredients. At this point you can place the mixture into one or two cake tins that have been greased and floured and bake in the pre heated oven at three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit for around forty minutes. As with most cakes, you can check to see if it’s done by pricking the cake with a tooth pick or some sharp thin instrument and see if it comes out clean or wet. If it is ready you can allow cooling and then serve with the cream cheese icing.

Variation of the Carrot Cake

Instead of using the apple you can try using some crushed up pineapple, this will add a completely different flavor to the cake.

The Cream Cheese Icing Topping

You will need four ounces of a cream cheese, quarter a cup of butter that is soft and one cup of icing sugar. You can now blend these three ingredients together and simply spread over the cooled down carrot cake. If you have chosen to make a carrot cake that is layered then you can use the icing in between the layers all you will need to do is make sure you allow for that and double the amount of ingredients for the icing.

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