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Children are known to be picky about their food, whether they draw conclusions from the unappetizing looks of certain foods or the somewhat poor taste of some healthy foods. That’s when parents need to think of little tricks and ways to make their children obtain sufficient amounts of particular healthy ingredients they require. One of the ways which is not commonly tried out among parents is letting children cook for themselves. This activity can be both fun and motivating for the kids because they will most likely want to taste what they made on their own.

Naturally, smaller children will need some help with certain cooking processes like cutting, blending or using the stove. That is why cakes may be the best to start off with but foods like soups, pizzas, curries or pitas will also be quite easy to make, once they pick up the basics. Not to mention that they are extremely healthy on top of everything. Here are a few suggestions as to which recipes the kids might try to make.

Zesty carrot soup

Carrots are usually a tough ingredient to persuade children to eat, but they might change their minds once they try to make this delicious refreshing soup, especially because it ends up having a sort of fruity flavor.

The required ingredients for this soup include enough carrots to fill about three cups, 2 garlic cloves, one orange, one lemon and one and a half cup of orange juice.

To prepare this stimulating soup, one has to peel and cut the carrots first. After that, the carrots are to be added to about 300ml of water which is previously boiled with the garlic, the zest of the one orange and the juice squeezed from the lemon. This mixture should be left to cook for about 20 minutes at the least, but in any case, one should make sure that the carrots are soft before deciding that it is well-cooked. What follows is adding the orange juice and leaving the soup to cool off for a while, and then putting it in a blender until it’s nice and smooth. When all this is done, one final thing to do is reheat it with additional 300mls of water or milk.

Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas are extremely easy to make as their muffins can be bought in supermarkets and all one has to do is make the topping. When making mini pizzas, one has to grill the muffin first and afterward daub the tomato sauce over them. What follows is simply arranging the toppings which usually include mozzarella cheese, chopped ham, mushrooms, olives, tuna, sweetcorn, peppers, or whatever the child usually likes on top of his or her pizza. When this is done, the pizza is to be grilled again until the cheese is completely melted.

These are just a few basic suggestions which show that children are, in fact, capable to make some foods for themselves with a little supervision from their parents, if it is required. There are many more they can try out and parents can help them choose the appropriate ones.

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