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Being in charge of your child or children’s meals and snacks is not an easy task and the more children you have the harder it gets. However, that fact does not change necessity of these meals in your child’s life. Children need to have regular, healthy meals, not too excessive but not too scarce either. Also, they need to have snacks. These quick meals are often the unhealthiest ones since they consist of sweets, crisps and similar food unhealthy for their dental and physical health. This does not have to be a necessity. On the contrary, there are numerous recipes which involve vegetables, fruits and other healthy ingredients into children’s snack diet ensuring the quality of their overall nutrition.

A Green, Veggie Plate Does It All

The most important fact about snacks is that they have to be vegetable and fruit rich. Avoid any heavy and greasy food and concentrate more on serving your children a green, healthy and vitamin rich plate. Mixtures with different vegetables like broccoli, carrots, beans, peas and many other create and excellent choice and provide an extremely healthy diet for your children with all the necessary nutrients for their daily needs. Children may also like fruit better when more types of it are mixed into a nutritive whole. Cheese is also valuable addition.


These present an excellent, yet inexpensive choice. Children like them and will eat them with many different dips, creams and salads leaving you with endless possibilities and combinations.

Other Alternatives for Snacks

Whole grains are extremely healthy for you and your children's stomachs. These also present an excellent snack choice. Raisins, dates, almonds, walnuts and many other will do. Some parents, however, like to have heavier snacks but then choose to avoid dinner, which is also a very good solution. For these kinds of snacks one can make mini pizzas with ham slices, ketchup, cheese and many other ingredients depending on the choice of the maker or the children themselves. These are cheap and easy to make, being very nutritive at the same time. Some parents allow their children a choice of many healthy snacks, offering them more than one daily. That way, if the children are, for example, offered 7 types of healthy snacks, they will eat all of them during the week, often moving those they are not fond of all the way to Sunday, but eventually having those as well, in order to open the following week’s turn. Finally, there are many different, yet healthy choices for you to choose from and ensure your children nutrition most adequate and useful for them.

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