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Include children into cooking

Given the fact that childreneasily take up novelty things, one of them can also be cooking. If you are ableto arise the interest in you child for cooking, they are likely to be more keenon food and give you much less trouble when it comes to mealtime. Of course,something that all the people who love to cook treasure and savor the most isthe moment of tasting the meal they have prepared by themselves. This, too, canbe applied to children, since something that is their own creation will givethem the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

Learning the robes

Since children, especially theyounger ones are yet to learn the cooking robes and their ways through thekitchen, in the beginning it will be necessary to aid them in such actions as the cutting, blending and eventually mastering the stove. Once you teach them theseessentials, it will stick with them until the rest of their lives.

However, it is not advisable tothrow them immediately in the fire, but to introduce them first to those lesscomplicated dishes such as cakes and pastry. After they have settled themselvesin the kitchen and became fond of the cooking apron, you can introduce them to thebeauty of some other dishes – soup, curries and other main courses you findespecially extraordinary and therefore amusing and appealing to you child or toyour children.


Recipe No. 1 - Carrot Soup

The greatest appeal of this dishlies in its alluring color and savory taste, as well as in the simplicity ofmaking it. All you need is 650 g first peeled and then sliced carrots, garlic(2 cloves), crushed and grated orange zest (one orange), lemon juice (onelemon), 300 ml orange juice and you are set to go.

Recipe No. 2 – Pittas Stuffedwith Roasted Veggies

This includes your own choice ofveggies to be mixed, which are then cut into tiny slices or small chunks,according to you child’s preference. Extremely good choice are aubergines,tomatoes, peppers/paprikas, mushrooms, broccoli and alike. To add up to theoverall taste, you can also use fresh herbs’ sprigs, olive oil and variousspices such as ginger, rosemary, basil etc.

Recipe No. 3 – Piece of CakeCurry

Those who have tried it among kidpopulation say this meal is not only absolutely tasty but also extremely easyto prepare. You need the following - 2 tbsp sunflower oil, 2-4 tsp ofcurry paste, first peeled and then chopped onion, 225 g of mushrooms sliced inhalf (kind known as button mushrooms), 175 g of peas (either fresh or frozen),125 g of natural yoghurt and a some fresh coriander sliced in tiny pieces.

Recipe No. 4 – Fruity Kebabs

This is one of the jewels amongthe healthy food snacks, i.e. desserts. And not only that, it is real simple tomake. What you need is all the fruit your child adores put into one place andmixed, but prior to this, cut them into small pieces and peeled them. When itis colorful, tasty and full of vitamins, what kid will be able to resist it?

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