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Fish is a great solution to reduce your high cholesterol because it has unsaturated fats. The Chinese believe that fish such as, Cyprinoid and Crucian carp can help in gaining back lost energy levels. They also believe that by eating Mandarin fish, low in carbohydrates is great for those who wish to lose their extra weight.

Recipe for fish on the grill

You will need a quarter of a cup of soy sauce, a half of a sliced lemon, six ounces of fillets, one slice of a gingerroot around one inch in length and one green onion that has been roughly chopped up. You put together the lemon, ginger, soy sauce, onion, and fish fillets in a bag and then put the bag in the fridge for half an hour to marinade. You can get your BBQ ready while waiting and all you need to do once the half hour has elapsed is to put the fish on the grill for around five minutes on each side.

Recipe for broiled halibut with a tangy yogurt sauce

This recipe is absolutely fabulous and you will need a quarter of a cup of lemon juice, two cups of plain yogurt, a quarter of a table spoon of salt and the same amount of pepper, one clove of garlic that has been crushed and six ounces of fillets from the halibut fish. Now you need to preheat the broiler. Then you can mix together the lemon juice, the garlic and the yogurt with the salt and pepper. Put foil in the broiler and put the fish on the top with half of the yogurt mix over it. You can cook this for about ten minutes and serve with the rest of the sauce on the side.

Recipe for baked cod with cheese

You need a pound of cod fillets and four table spoons of grated cheddar cheese. You need to defrost the fillets if they were frozen and then cook the fillets according to what the label states which is usually for fifteen minutes at around three hundred and seventy five degrees. Once the fish is cooked, simply sprinkle the cheese over the cod and put it back in the oven for around five minutes so the cheese melts. This is the easiest of all the recipes and the kids love it. It only takes less than ten minutes to prepare and it will serve four people. You can serve it with mash, chips and obviously a side helping of vegetables.

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