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Soups are a healthy nutritious dish and they are quite easy to make. However, sometimes people tend to go overboard on certain ingredients, for example, soaking those vegetables that are to go in the stock into fat. That shouldn’t happen as the key to every good soup is its stock.

How to make the healthy kind of stock used for the soup?

Depending on the preference, the stock for the soups can either be chicken or vegetable.

The way to make chicken stock is by taking the bones of a chicken and mixing them with peeled sliced carrots, one onion, some celery and peppercorns, a pinch of salt and a little thyme and parsley. They are all to be placed into a large pan and covered with water and left to boil. When the water containing this mixture has boiled, the bubbles collected on top of it should be removed. When all this is done, the pan should be left to cook lightly for about three hours. When cooked, it’s very important to extract the fat from the stock and leave it to cool off, after which it’s ready for freezing.

As for vegetable stock, it should be contained of whichever vegetables one prefers, and the more the better. Vegetables like onions, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli are all welcome, and the first thing to do is to make sure that they are all nicely chopped up and ready for cooking. When they are in the pan and covered with water, it’s good to add some peppercorn, a baby leaf and a pinch of salt. This kind of stock should not cook for more than an hour after boiling.

A recipe for a delicious and very popular soup made with stock that is prepared this way is included.

Gorgeous green soup recipe

The stock that should be used for this kind of soup is vegetable stock. This soup requires three cups of stock and once it is bubbling at a moderate temperature, ten cups of spinach should be added to it, followed by one onion and two potatoes both nicely peeled and chopped up. Finally, spices and herbs of one’s choice should be added to the soup and it should be left boiling lightly for about a quarter of an hour.

This is the most basic way to make this soup. This kind of soup is quite thin and smooth, but those who prefer richer and creamier soups should try adding some couscous, rice or pasta. Another way to make it creamier is to make it with two instead of three cups of stock.

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