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Natural Juices, Naturally Healthy

When it comes to natural juices, one can not even imagine how healthy and beneficial they are. Not only are they packed with vitamins that are responsible for best of health, but are also an extremely good add on to just about any diet. And as we all know, kids are absolutely mad about them. If having “hale and hearty” saying in mind, then juices made of vegetables just have no match whatsoever. Not only do they give so much needed kick to just about every diet plan, a person has embraced, but they are also more than beneficial to ones health.

Healthy Recipes for Healthy Body and Mind

Vegetable Juice Drink – the drink in question is an extraordinary healthy one, and when it comes to savory taste, the canned tomato juice does not come even remotely close. It will especially find approval with those guests that are either driving afterwards or are abstaining from anything that has alcohol in it. For the greater effect, it is recommended to serve it along with carrot (in the form of long batons) or celery sticks. The recipe goes as follows:

2 sticks of celery (chopped)One half of a cucumber (chopped)Carrot (one and chopped)Clove of garlic (one and chopped)Tomato juice (425g or 2 times 15 oz)Beetroot (100g/4 oz cooked and chopped)Worcestershire sauce or any suitable replacement you can find (2 tsps)Black pepperSaltIce cubes

All vegetables should be blended together, and a half can of tomato is to be added at the beginning. The mixture should then be filtered through a sieve and poured in a bowl used for punch or in a jug. Next, you add the rest of the canned tomato juice and sauce, and sprinkle with pepper and salt. Finally, stir and leave it to cool down and serve.

Fruit Juice – it is especially recommended for children’s celebration parties, and the ingredients are as follows:

mixed fruit juice drink (15 fl oz/424 ml, chilled)bitter lemon (10 fl oz/275 ml, also chilled)apple juice (10 fl oz /275 ml and chilled)2 lemons (quartered and then sliced)2 oranges (quartered and then also sliced)

First step is to pour the mixed fruit juice into a larger bowl, and mix it together with the apple juice and bitter lemon. Next thing to be done is to add oranges and lemons, sliced previously. Once that is done, leave it all to cool for a while in the fridge and then serve together with the ice.

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