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The majority of babies eat their vegetables without reluctance although they do eat them rather messily. However as they grow up into kids the vegetable eating habits start to decline more and more and when they hit the teenage years and finally adulthood the vegetable eating habits drop to an unhealthy level of consumption.

The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is an easy way of intaking fruit and vegetable. It is important to get those essential enzymes into your digestion system so they can do their job in keeping your health up to date. The fact is when you cook the vegetables, and most people overcook their vegetables, the enzymes that were mentioned earlier are in fact destroyed. Having the vegetables juiced you are in fact getting every bit of goodness that they can possibly give you.

The second great benefit of juicing is the kids love it because it’s fun and experimental for them to learn about combining different flavours.
Thirdly, parents can sneak some vegetable that their child has put their nose up to in the past, an example is parsley which is very good for them. They won’t even know it’s in the juice.
Parents are often busy and by using a juicer you can have a pitcher full of those vitamins and minerals ready within a minute which will provide their family with a great kick start to their day and also will leave some for when they all arrive home again in the evening.

How to Get Started with Juicing

It is best to begin slowly and not to plunge straight into the deep end. Start with the simple concoction of five carrots and one and a half apples. But really mix and match the amount depending on how fussy the kids are. The trick is to make sure they really like the first few. Some people just stick with this juice, you can add small pieces of other things like a bit of ginger or a little parsley, work up to it though.

Idea for a Juice

You can add a piece of fruit in with any vegetable drink to help sweeten it up, there’s no problem with this. Follow this juice for radiant skin and protection against sun damage. Use four carrots, one medium sweet potato, half a cup of parsley, a little salt, and pepper. Wash everything and chop up, put it in the juicer and pour over ice.

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