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Healthy Foods Recipes Involving Leek

Among all vegetable varieties, leek certainly falls into the category of those that are extremely health beneficial. And not only that, it can be combined in a countless number of ways, each time bringing versatility and richness of taste to the table. Whether on its own or as an add on to a certain dish, it will never fail you and your taste.

Healthy Recipes

Easy Braised Leeks is in all probability one of the easiest to make, given the fact that the recipe is not knotty or perplexing at all and it takes only a couple of ingredients and nothing more. It goes best with meat, either as a extra or as a topper. The chief constituent include – leek (amount: 6), pepper, salt, olive oil, and vegetable broth (amount: 1 cup). Preparation goes as following – oven needs to be set to 425 Fahrenheit’s. Next comes the garnishing of the leek, but do away with the green stalk and also the root. Afterwards, half the leek and do so length wise, soak them in cold water, and let them be for no more than 10 minutes. Once desiccated, put them on a pan and brush with olive oil. Put the leek (face up) in the oven and let it roast for round 20 minutes. Then turn them to the other side and do another 20. Once this is done, pour the vegetable broth and leave them roasting for 10 minutes more. Season and serve.Potato-Leek Cream Soup is especially a treat for the vegetarians, and the one to keep a person warm and cozy during those frosty wintry nights. As far as ingredients are concerned, the soup in question is dairy-free and extremely healthy, and tasty on top of it all. The main elements go as follows – olive oil, leek (amount: 2) roots and dark green leaves are cut off and sliced in one quarter of an inch sized pieces; diced onion (amount: 2 cups), kosher salt, minced garlic (amount: 3 cloves), potatoes (amount: 2) are first peeled and then wedged into one half of an inch big dices; vegetable stock (amount: 4 cups) and fresh rosemary are added to season it all nicely. Preparation goes as following – heat a soup pot on a medium hot stove and, add up some oil, add leek together with onions and some salt. Then, sauté this mixture for no more than 5 minutes, and afterwards, add up some more garlic and whip. Before adding potatoes, cook this mixture for about minute or two. Decrease the heat and let it simmer for another 20 minutes. In the end, hash the potatoes and leek into a puree and enjoy in your treat.

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