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Lamb mince is an excellent replacement for beef or really any other meat you are using a little too often. You need to ensure you take off the fat prior to serving. It can be served in a variety of ways, as a stew or even in pasta dishes.

Lamb Mince Recipe

What you should do is heat up some oil and cook some onion. Once the onion is soft you can add the lamb mince and stir continuously. When the meat is cooked through a little bit you can turn the heat down and add a grated carrot to the mixture as well as a diced courgette and even a few herbs. If you would like to see a little more color you can add some tomato paste or sauce and a little Worchester sauce to give it that wonderful flavor. If you are a garlic lover you can add some at this stage of the cooking. This dish can be left to simmer for forty five minutes after which it can be transferred to a strainer and allow the juices to collect in a dish which you will store in a fridge. After a couple of hours the fat from the juice would have gone hard and can be taken off. At this point you can add the fatless juice to the meat again and stir. This combination can be used for a variety of recipes.

Atlas Mountain Lamb Soup Ingredients

This recipe is easy but takes about three hours. It resembles a stew and is a meal on its own but you can add a little bread. You will need one hundred grams of chopped up apricots that are dried out, two table spoons of olive oil, two minced cloves of garlic, two tea spoons of ground cinnamon, two tea spoons of ground cumin, two tea spoons of paprika, five hundred grams of minced lamb, four stalks of chopped up celery, one green pepper that is in slices, five hundred grams of chopped up tomatoes, one lemon, three hundred milliliters of water, one table spoon of caster sugar, and a little salt and pepper.

Atlas Mountain Lamb Soup Directions

Firstly you need to soak the apricots in water for around two hours so they get soft. Now you can heat up some oil and put in the garlic, cinnamon, cumin and the paprika for about a minute. At this point the lamb can be added, you need to break up the lamb mince with your wooden spoon and keep stirring. Now you can add the drained apricots, celery, green pepper and the tomato. You can shave some rind from the lemon and place it in the soup as well as the water and the sugar, it can be simmered for half an hour and then seasoned and served.

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