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Nutrient filled bars are satisfying, tasty and act as an easy, energy boosting snack for the middle of the day or even as a quick breakfast snack on the way to the office.

Goodness of a Nutrient Filled Bar

They often contain oats and some have dates, the combination of the two allow for a burst of energy as well as a sweetness to satisfy the taste buds. There are many reasons for making your own nutrient bars including the beautiful aroma that fills the house as well as the choice of ingredients you allow yourself.

Ingredients for a Nutrient Filled Bar

These amounts will provide enough for eight servings. You will need one cup which is nine ounces of pitted dates, some vegetable oil, one and a half cups of oats that have been finely ground up, four and a half ounces of pecans that have been toasted half of which can been ground and the other half coarsely chopped up, you will also need two ounces of unsalted macadamia nuts that are toasted and half can been grounded and the other half coarsely chopped up, two and a quarter ounces of dried papaya that are cut into pieces that are half inches, one and three quarter ounces of chopped up dried cherries, two ounces of dried blueberries, two table spoons of oat bran, three table spoons of ground flaxseed, two table spoons of wheat germ, half a tea spoon of coarse salt, half a tea spoon of ground cinnamon and finally three table spoons of brown-rice syrup or you can use honey instead.

Directions for Making a Nutrient Filled Bar

Firstly, you will need to pre heat your oven to three hundred and fifty degrees. You can put the dates into a pan filled with cold water which you can boil up and then let it simmer. After which you will need to drain them and then place them into a blender so they get smooth. At this point you can put some cooking spray into a baking tin and in a bowl mix together the oats, nuts, papaya, cherries, blueberries, bran, flaxseed, wheat germ, salt, and cinnamon. Now you can add the date puree and brown-rice syrup or the honey. At this stage you simply need to press the mixture into the pre sprayed pan. The pan can be put into the oven for around twenty five minutes so the center of the mixture is firm to the touch and the sides turn a golden color. After the cooking time, the mixture can be set on a wire rack to cool.

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