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There is a list of the most common, popular food such as spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers and on the top of most people’s favourite lists is macaroni and cheese.

History of Macaroni and Cheese

It is presumed that the pasta called maccheroni was eaten in Italy in the 1300’s. However the macaroni and cheese went back to the colonial time in America. There was a meal called macaroni pie and it was a favourite of Thomas Jefferson who had first tasted the delight in Italy. When he arrived back home he served it in Washington. However instead of using the European cheese he used an American cheese and this was the point when macaroni and cheese was created. There are many variations of the famous macaroni and cheese and Thomas Jefferson would probably not recognize it now such as the gourmet Lobster Mac n Cheese which has marscarpone cheese, Havarti, and white cheddar. The different toppings for macaroni and cheese can range from buttered bread to panko crumbs or even saltine crackers. However the majority of the macaroni and cheese recipes always seem to have a lot of cheese and a lot of cream. Some recipes even have as much as six table spoons of butter and two cups of thick cream.

Macaroni and Cheese Recipe for Beginner Chefs

This recipe is very easy, it is called Noodles with Butter and Cheese. You will need two cups of macaroni noodles that are cooked, preferably the whole grain noodles, two tea spoons of whipped butter and a third of a cup of grated cheese. Firstly, spread the noodles out into a microwave-safe dish and sprinkle the butter pieces over the noodles and at this point you can microwave the combination for two minutes. Now you can sprinkle the cheese on top, stir it in and microwave for a further minute.

Macaroni and Cheese Recipe for Intermediate Chefs

This recipe is called Light Stove-Top Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese and it is a little more difficult but still simply to master after practice. You will need three cups of whole grain macaroni, one table spoon of whipped butter, quarter a cup of fat free sour cream, five table spoons of Wondra quick-mixing flour, one and a half cups of low fat milk, one and a half cups of fat-free half-and-half, seasoning, a little cayenne pepper and three cups of shredded cheddar. Cook the macaroni. In another pan, melt the butter, take it off the heat to add the sour cream and the flour and stir. Add the milk and the half and half and boil again. Simmer the mixture and add the salt and the pepper, keep stirring as it will get thicker. Remove from heat and add cheese and then combine it with the macaroni.

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