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Many people do not even entertain the idea of eating monkfish as it is not the prettiest creature in the ocean. However, they are missing out on an amazing taste as the monkfish’s flavor is truly a hidden delight.

Baked Monkfish in Tomato Sauce Ingredients

This recipe is easy and does not take long to prepare. To cook for two people you will need one large monkfish tail fillet that is chopped into chunks, two big cans of chopped tomatoes in tomato juice, two cloves of garlic that is chopped very small, six basil leaves that are roughly chopped, two ounces of cheddar cheese that is grated, one table spoon of olive oil and some salt and pepper.

Baked Monkfish in Tomato Sauce Directions

You will need to pre heat the oven to two hundred degrees Celsius. While you are waiting for the oven to heat up you can heat some oil in a pan and allow the garlic to sweat for a minute then adding the tomatoes and the basil, salt and pepper. This can be brought to the boil and returned to simmer. Now you can include the monkfish to the ingredients and stir. At this point everything can be transferred to an oven proof dish for just over half an hour in the oven. Once the time has elapsed you can take in out of the oven and put the cheese on top and put under the grill for a minute. It can be served with rice or new potatoes.

Peppered Monkfish Fillets Recipe

You will need two monkfish tails that are one pound each, some salt, a tea spoon of Coarsely Crushed Black Peppercorns, one table spoon of olive oil, half an ounce of unsalted water, quarter of a pint of fish stock, one tea spoon of Arrowroot, four table spoons of half cream and two table spoons of brandy. Firstly you need to take off the skin and the pink membrane. Rub a little salt into the fish as well as the black peppercorns. Heat up some oil and a little butter in a pan and you can cook the fish for around ten minutes on a medium heat. At this point, you can add the fish stock and follow that by covering the pan and simmering for another ten minutes. Now you can mix the arrowroot with a table spoon of cold water and then stir this concoction into the pan as well as the brandy and the cream. This will become thick and you can remove and serve.

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