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Chicken is a very popular dish, in fact it is one of the most popular meats to cook but it does get a little boring after a while especially if you keep doing the same recipe over and over again. See below for a lemon chicken recipe that the whole family will enjoy.

Chicken Breasts among Roasted Lemons Ingredients

Lemon goes so well with chicken, this dish will allow for four servings and will take around forty minutes. You will need three lemons, a pinch of salt and a tea spoon of olive oil for the roasted lemons. For the chicken you will need four chicken breasts that are boneless, skinned, trimmed and halved, a pinch of salt and pepper, quarter a cup of flour, two tea spoons of olive oil, one and a quarter cups of reduced-sodium chicken broth, two table spoons of drained capers, two tea spoons of butter, and three tea spoons of fresh chopped up parsley.

Roasted Lemons Recipe

Firstly, pre heat the oven to three hundred and twenty five degrees and line a baking sheet. Now you can put the lemons in slices on the sheet in a singular layer. Brush over the lemons with some oil and salt and roast them for around half an hour. Whilst the lemons are in the oven you can prepare the chicken.

Chicken Breasts Recipe

Firstly cover the cover and pound it with a rolling pin until it gets to a thickness of half an inch and then you can sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper on the chicken. Put some flour into a dish and put the chicken in it so as to coat both sides. At this point you can heat up oil in a skillet on a medium temperature, the chicken can be added for about three minutes per side. After the six minutes has elapsed you can add the broth and allow to boil stirring in the capers. You can also scrape off the browned bits and discard if you like. The liquid can continue to boil to make a syrup, this will take up to eight minutes and the chicken can be turned again after four minutes. The roasted lemons should be ready at this point and you can include them in the chicken mixture coupled with two table spoons of parsley, butter and a little extra pepper. The mixture can be allowed to simmer until the time the butter has melted. When the chicken is cooked it can be put onto a platter and at this point you can add a little more parsley on top for decoration.

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