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Healthy or Not?

Macaroni and cheese is, most certainly, a meal which can easily find its place on every family's plates now and then. Truly, incredibly popular, this delicious meal simply cannot be ignored when it comes to types of food most of us enjoy. However, another thing we cannot neglect about this dish is calories. Namely, the most common version of this meal is packed with calories and fat. Being such, it is not recommended to be eaten more than once a month. Nevertheless, numerous chefs and cuisine experts have decided not to give up on macaroni and cheese and make it light and healthy enough for one to be able to eat it whenever he or she desires. Therefore, there are numerous recipes where healthier and more extravagant types of cheese are used. Subsequently, the macaroni in these recipes are completely made from organic sources, and thus are healthy and additive free. Following this pattern of mac and cheese evolution, people have come with numerous different ways of making this beloved meal good for you and your well being.

The Best Ingredients For Macaroni and Cheese

First of all, cheese is of the essence. This meal cannot be good if the cheese is not good. Therefore, bear in mind that a high quality cheese is a must. Also, knowing that your goal is to prepare a healthy meal, make sure that you are buying organic products. There are numerous products which are considered to be organic. Carefully examine the list of ingredients and, if they are fully natural and healthy, choose this type of cheese. However, know that not every cheese will be good for this particular meal. Thus, through trial and error, choose the product best suiting your needs and desires and, once you find it, stick to it like macaroni to cheese. The story is completely the same when it comes to choosing the adequate macaroni, thus follow the same pattern.

A Healthy Recipe

If you want a pure and simple meal, this is what you have to do. As far as cheese is concerned, you might try sharp, aged, orange cedar. Healthy macaroni to go with this combination are whole wheat elbow ones. It is important that there are no eggs in either of the ingredients. Now, you need to add some low-fat cream, salt and a bit of pepper. After cooking macaroni you may separately place the cream and add the cheese to it, creating a mixture you add to the macaroni afterwards. After mixing it all up and making the ingredients blend, simply add it to your macaroni and enjoy.

Alternatively, bear in mind that you might add numerous things to this meal. Different types of plant oils, different kinds of cheese, various other spices and additions may be added, therefore making your own healthy combination.

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