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Recipes to Captivate Your Senses
Even though many would probably have hard time with a few ingredients and a lot of time, this should not be termed as waste of time in the kitchen. Some of the tastiest dishes are made this way, and this can be confirmed by chefs and even amateur cooks worldwide. In continuation are listed some of extremely sensation-pleasing recipes.
Recipe No. 1 – courtesy of Lissa – “Macaroni Cheese”
The main ingredients of this dish include the following:
Milk, 1% fat (quantity: 2.5 cups)All purpose flour (quantity: ¼ of a cup)Dry mustard (quantity: ½ teaspoon)Salt (quantity: ½ teaspoon)Paprika (quantity: ¼ teaspoon)Pepper (quantity: ¼ teaspoon)Cheddar cheese, reduced fat (quantity: 1.5 cups) finely shreddedCream cheese, light (quantity: 2 oz)Onions (quantity: ¼ of a cup) mincedParmesan cheese (quantity: 3 tablespoons)Elbow macaroni (quantity: 6 cups) cooked
In order to make the topping, you need the following ingredients:
Bread crumbs (quantity: ¼ of a cup) unseasonedParmesan cheese (quantity: 1 tablespoon)
Preparation. First you need to find yourself a saucepan, medium in size, and pour in there flour and milk and mix until you get a smooth mixture. Once this done, you need to cook it on a medium high temperature till it thickens, then bring it to bubbles and leave it at that temperature for 7 to 8 minutes. Next step is to mix salt, paprika, dry mustard, pepper, onions, and cheeses. This mixture needs to be cooked until the cheese is melted. Then you combine this sauce with the previously prepared, i.e. cooked, macaroni. To finish it up, make a mixture of parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, sprinkle the dish, put in an oven and bake at 350 degrees, 30 minutes. As soon as it is done, serve and enjoy.
Recipe No. 2, courtesy of Suzy – “Chilli-Mac”
Ingredients go as follows:
Kraft dinner (quantity: one box) previously prepared, regularlyChilli from the can (quantity: 1)
Preparation. All you need to do in order to prepare this quick and tasty dish is to mix the above mentioned “ingredients” and enjoy.
Recipe No. 3, courtesy of Khrysler – “Tuna Surprise”
The name says it all; it is a dish that is ever so easy to make, and comes especially handy if you are camping, or in case you have forgot to make your weekly shopping and are left only with a can of tuna.
KD Can of tuna
Preparation. First you prepare your KD the way you are used to, and like the most. Then mix a can of tuna with it, but drain it prior to mixing. Add up fresh/frozen peas to enrich this dish a bit, finish it up with some pepper and salt. Enjoy!

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