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Rice is an ideal base for a lot of dishes. It can be a welcome change from chips or mash. It can be varied from an aromatic basmati, to fibrous wild rice, or even a tangy lemon rice. See below for some great ideas.

White Rice Recipe

This recipe is wonderfully healthy. You will need one table spoon of vegetable oil, half an onion that is chopped up, two cloves of minced garlic, two cups of long grain white rice, four cups of hot water, half a tea spoon of salt and half a cup of corn, peas, carrots, or peppers however these are optional. You need to heat oil in a pan and sauté the onion along with the rice and the garlic. You can add the salt and the hot water and bring it to a boil at which point it can be covered over and put onto simmer for fifteen minutes. If you are adding the vegetables to the recipe, you can do it now. After the time has elapsed you can uncover the mixture and stir a couple of times and re-cover with the heat off. It can stand for quarter of an hour. This will serve six people.

Scallion Rice Recipe

This is another healthy recipe. You will need four and a half cups of rice that has been cooked in water without any salt content, one and a half tea spoons of bouillon granules that are unsalted, and quarter a cup of scallions that are chopped up. Now you can cook the rice following the directions on the packet and simple then mix the rice with the scallions, and bouillon granules and mix together well. This recipe will serve five people.

Oriental Rice Recipe

The third healthy Rice Recipe is the oriental Rice Recipe. This is low in fat, sodium and saturated fat because the fat is skimmed from the chicken stock and there is a minimum amount of oil used and no salt. You will need one and half cups of water, one cup of chicken stock with the fat skimmed off, one and a third cups of long grain rice that is uncooked, two tea spoons of vegetable oil, two table spoons of chopped up onion, two table spoons of chopped up green pepper, half a cup of chopped up pecans, quarter a tea spoon of ground sage, one cup of chopped celery, half a cup of sliced up water chestnuts, quarter a tea spoon of nutmeg, and black pepper. The water and the stock can be boiled adding the rice to it and it to simmer for twenty minutes. Now you can saute the onion and the celery and add the rest of the ingredients.

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