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Coloncleansing and the importance of it

Coloncleansing refers to a number of methods of removing toxins and waste from thecolon, and it has been present for generations, although the methods have beenchanging ever since. Today, when our physical habits and diet are very much different,and we generally seem to be much more stressed out and overweight, we are atmuch higher risk of getting some heart disease, diabetes, or a number of otherdiseases. Besides the heart, which is said to be the most important organ inour body, our intestine is particularly affected by our unhealthy eatinghabits, all the junk food and carbonated beverages that we consume. This is whycolon cleansing is becoming more and more popular way of protecting our health,and there are various methods, of which some require the use of herbs, othersthe use of materials such as laxatives, dietary fibers. Hydrotherapy is also away in which colon can be cleansed.

Natural recipes for colon cleansing

Before we suggest a few natural recipes, it is of crucialimportance to know that three things are important: water, exercise and diet. Waterplays a very important role and it is important to drink it in sufficient amounts.The same goes for diet, which has to be low in sugar, salt and fat, and rich infiber, and as for exercising, even moderate but regular exercising will reducethe risks of constipation, while sweating helps in getting rid of the deadlytoxins through skin.

The recipes may be made of:

Boiling water, grated fresh ginger and fresh lemon juice;One half of ripe papaya, ripe banana, two cups of water and twotablespoons of flaxseed meal;One teaspoon of honey, one of fresh lemon juice, and one ofapple cider vinegar, which should be added to a mug of boiling water;Bentonite clay liquid, colofiber and Psyllium husk seeds,apple juice and spring water;Half a teaspoon of lemon juice, two avocados, three peeledand seeded cucumbers, two cups of vegetable stock, onion, three garlic cloves, cilantro,parsley and jalapeno pepper;Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and organic maplesyrup, cayenne pepper and filtered water.

However, even though these are all natural recipes and allthe ingredients are organic, it does not mean that it is safe enough foreveryone. People who have some health problems should consult their physiciansbefore trying out any of these recipes, just in order to avoid some unwantedeffect.

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