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Juice fasting has become a popular way to lose weight quickly and to detoxify the body. Fresh home-made juices are full of nutrients, especially vitamins, and they contain antioxidants that act against free radicals and prevent the damage they cause. Juice fasting does not have to be dull and boring as there are great juice recipes to be tried out. Here are some of them.

Jogger Paradise

This recipe requires three oranges, two hard pears and one small yam, with some crushed ice. This juice is perfect for people who work out intensively and frequently, as it restores the energy and boosts the stamina and endurance. It is particularly recommended before jogging, hence its name.

A Taste of Heaven

Two carrots, one sweet potato, one slice of Spanish onion, two apples and a pinch of dulse powder not only taste great when combined in a juice, but they also provide energy necessary to make it out through the day without any solid food. Vitamin C and beta-carotene are very beneficial for the immune system and a number of body functions. This juice should be taken once a day.

Red Ice

The juice called Red Ice is a feast not only for the taste buds but for the eyes too. Its vibrant red color comes from one beet, combined with two apples, one sweet potato, one lemon, one tomato, one garlic clove, one thin slice of Spanish onion and half a can of frozen apple sauce. All the ingredients should be placed in the juicer, except for the garlic and the onion, that need to be ground in a blender first. This juice tastes even better with some crushed ice.

Beet is very beneficial for the overall health. It stimulates the production of the red blood cells and prevents anemia.

Apple-Berry Juice

This simple juice has only two ingredients: apples (two of them) and one cup of cranberries. Apple-Berry Juice is particularly recommended for people who have bladder problems, because it is well known that cranberries are beneficial for the urinary tract. It is a great way of prevention against prostate cancer in men and against yeast infections in women.

The Brain Stimulator

During juice fasting the person who is following this regime is not allowed any kind of stimulants, including caffeine. This may result in a drop of concentration, focus and mental performance. Luckily, there is a juice made just for that.

It combines one orange, one hard pear, one yam, one apple and one grapefruit. Grapefruit and orange should be squeezed, while other ingredients should be put in a juicer.

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