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How to Make Your Barbecue More Healthy
Well, healthy is most certainly not the first word that springs to one’s mind when thinking of barbecue. But, you can lie assured that there actually are barbecue recipes that guarantee, not only tastefulness, but also healthiness. The following recipes have been put to test and the response they got was more than satisfactory:
Recipe No. 1 – Barbecue Bacon Chicken Cheese Sandwiches
Chicken breast, skin and bones removed (quantity: 4)Cooking sprayCheese, fat free (quantity: 4 slices)Onion, ringed (quantity: 1)Turkey bacon (quantity: 6 slices)Pepper and SaltBarbecues sauce, honey mustard variety (quantity: ¼ of a cup)WaterBread, toastedMayonnaise, low in fat
Preparation: First of all, you need to heat the frying pan (skillet) and add some cooking spray. Also, the chicken breast need to be peppered and salted (according to the personal taste), laid on the pan and left until starting to get a brownish color. While waiting for chicken breasts, you need to half the turkey bacon and add them up on top of the chicken breast. To top it all up, use the onion rings. In order for chicken not to brown too much, add a bit of water and the pan lid as well, so it can cook properly. Leave it be for around 10 minutes and then turn it on its other side. Before going back to pan again, the onion rings and the bacon need to be sautéed. Once the chicken is cooked, the final touch is “seasoning” it with the barbecues sauce and a slice of cheese on all the pieces. Next, let the cheese slowly melt, and while in the process of waiting, you can toast the bread slices and put mayo on them. After finishing this, add all the pan contents to as many sandwiches you want to make, serve and enjoy.
Recipe No. 2 – Barbecue Salmon Steaks
Soy sauce light variety (quantity: 2 tbsp)
Sugar (quantity: ½ tsp)
Salmon stakes (quantity: 4)
Green sauce
Parsley (quantity: ½ of a cup)
Chopped chives (quantity: ½ of a cup)
Ginger (¼ tsp)
Capers (quantity: 2 tbsp)
Onion, chopped (quantity: 2 tbsp)
Olive oil (quantity: ½ of a cup)
Lemon/lime juice (quantity: 1 tbsp)
Hard-boiled egg (quantity: 1)
Green Ginger Sauce: First you need to lay parsley, ginger, chives, onion and capers in a larger bowl, either of a blender or some food processing appliance. Next, you blend it all in and process until you get a fine mixture. To top it all, add a bit of olive oil, an egg and either lime or lemon juice. Blend again until finely mixed and add up to your main course.
Preparation: First of all the soy sauce and sugar need to be mixed. Then use that mixture to brush each of the salmon stakes. Once that done, you can barbecue them but paying attention and turning the stakes every once in a while for them not to burn. As an excellent add on and gravy, you can use hot green ginger sauce.

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